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Peter Kent’s artistic impression of the World’s Great City Ports


This collection consists of some 30 coloured drawings, each describing a city port around the world.  

Having visited each at some point in his life, Peter has created a unique artist’s interpretation.  The sea port scene is further embellished with hand-written descriptions and historical narrative, each finished work providing not only hours of fascination for reminiscence and story, but also aesthetic enjoyment of delicate detail and colour washes.  

A Peter Kent work is instantly recognisable and is, at one and the same time, a story, a descriptive map,

a celebrated moment and a work of art.


His travelling days over, Peter decided to revisit his favourite ports from his drawing board based on memory and further research.

Ports featured, so far, in Sea PORTfolio are


Dover, Portsmouth, Tyneside Newcastle, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, San Francisco, Istanbul, Cherbourg,

Sydney, Tideways of Essex and Suffolk, Thames Gateway, Dartford to Medway, Port of London down to the sea,

London Docklands, The Solent, Singapore, New York,  Hong Kong, Dubai, Liverpool Manchester, Canary Wharf, Bristol, Venice, Harwich and Felixstowe, Boston.

A1 size prints are supplied unframed and unmounted in a robust cardboard tube and are available for collection at

The Greenwich Gallery or despatched by postal carrier.


To see his portfolio click on the 'SHOP WINDOW - SeaPORTfolio' button and then click

on each picture twice to see them full screen size.

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