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PKs Jubilee illustration - panoramic Thams Pageant




























Royal River 2012


Peter Kent’s artistic observations of The Royal Jubilee celebrations on the River Thames

along with the events of the Olympic Games.


Celebrating the special year for the River Thames, Peter has produced more than a dozen reportage drawings of some

of the most memorable moments of the Royal Pageant as well as some of the preparations leading up to

that important day -  June 3rd 2012.

From his Greenwich studio he also watched much of the build up and preparations for

the Olympic games in South East London.


Prints are supplied in 40 x 50cm window mounts at £90 or framed in a simple black metal frame at £144


To see his Royal River pictures click on the 'SHOP WINDOW - 2012 a Royal River year' button and then click on

each picture twice to see them full screen size.

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