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Peter Kent's work is instantly recognisable and is on display throughout the world.


From his Thameside studio in Greenwich he creates the most remarkable drawings of detailed representational views of urban scenes. More often than not these have a maritime theme, as his passion is for all things connected with

the sea and rivers.


To describe him as a topographical artist, as many do, is accurate but somehow omits the uniqueness of his work.

Yes, they are accurate views of buildings and townscapes but in addition there are some surprises; firstly they are nearly always aerial views and secondly there is often a twist – an artist’s comment, the inclusion of a piece of text that

points to an aspect of history or, indeed, to a personal memory.


Peter now has a blog site where he has recreated his popular RiverWatch commentary series...

London Docklands Greenwich crop - white
London Docklands - canary wharf crop
Peter Kent portrait
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